As the mother of a Captain Wildland Fireman, I certainly am anxious when he and his team are sent out to battle our forest blazes. Also, as an Arizona Native, it breaks my heart to see thousands of acres go up in smoke.

Many factors have led to such destructive fires, drought, unhealthy forests, years of no thinning, and human caused flames. For years, Senators McCain and Flake have lead a charge in D.C. to try and get help, funding and support, but more needs to be done. These thin treed dense forests not only are unhealthy, but they are like little straws drawing away water from stronger, larger trees. Then once fires occur, the debris and ash ends of in our rivers and streams causing blockage and making it harder for our water treatment plants.

As a legislator, I would work hand in hand with our Senators and Congressional Delegates to help us obtain more funding for our forests, help the firemen and women have the tools necessary to do their jobs and try to preserve our forests for our future generations. Most importantly – you, yes you! Can Prevent Forest Fires!! Please use your ashtrays and water down your campfires.

I wrote this from my last trip to our cabin:

It’s windy and dry, while I watch wispy clouds move across the sky. Our forests and animals wait in vain, as they hope for a single drop of rain. Let not the stupidity of man start the course, of fire that would end in miles of land scorched. –

Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all those Dad’s out there!!