As the campaign heats up so does the Arizona summer weather. Your Grandpa may have walked five miles up hill, back and forth to school, in the snow… but, I walked barefoot, during the summer on the sidewalks of Phoenix!

Shade is a luxury in the Valley and a simple way to capture more of it is to adopt a Joanne Osborne yard sign which can provide up to 6 square feet of new shade for your front yard.

But Arizona summers can cause serious problems for hikers, homeless populations and seniors. And remember never leave kids or pets in parked cars.

So, here are some tried and true tricks for beating the Arizona summer days. Some are my own, some you have probably seen around, but all-in-all there just might be a refreshing idea below!

▪ Stay Hydrated – water is best. Diet products and alcohol can be dehydrating.
▪ Check on your fellow man! Family, neighbors, friends, and strangers.
▪ Keep water and towels in your car. Cover steering wheels, seats, and definitely baby seats. Use window shades.
▪ Check the water in your car’s battery and other liquids.
▪ Take care of the pets – you cannot walk barefoot, so your pets can’t walk on sidewalks or streets. Give them plenty of shade and water – better yet, bring them inside!
▪ Do not leave your loved ones inside a vehicle when not running and air on!
▪ Fuel up your vehicle in the evening – helps with our ozone!
▪ Move the thermostat to 78 – 80 degrees for the day and 76 – 77 at night
▪ Water your plants and grass when the sun has gone down.
▪ Take care of your pool – the heat eats up the chemicals.
▪ Fun snack – Freeze grapes, some people even roll them in kool-aid first for a sweet treat.
▪ Donate water to your local hospital, churches, or food bank. Many cities will take water donations too.
▪ Wear cotton clothing.
▪ Extreme heat can cause tire blowouts. Heat is your tire’s worst enemy. The hotter a tire gets, the higher the risk of failure. In summer heat conditions as the pavement temperatures soar, it’s important to regularly check air pressure