Our children's future, the success of our state and its economic vitality rely heavily upon the educational attainment of our students. One simple solution to demonstrate our commitment to education, starts with improving teacher pay. There is absolutely no excuse for the lack of leadership at the Arizona Legislature for us to be caught in this position. I value greatly the impacts teachers make on our kids and one of my top priorities will be to see that we no longer devalue a child’s education.


Our source of existence, to say it is important is an understatement. We continue to strive to be efficient and smart with our water usage. We can be proud that even with the drought that has plagued us for years, we have been conservative and innovative. We shall not stop in our search for solution as we deal with a water structural deficit on the Colorado River, continued need to thin our Forrest and help them be healthy again, and lastly keep strong, clarifying policy that sustains our water usage for today and into the growth of our future.


Education and economic development go hand in hand. Our businesses, both large and small, need assurance they will have access to an educated and well-trained workforce. Arizona can be a destination for high-paying jobs if we keep our tax rates competitive, regulations minimal and a talented labor pool to fill the jobs of tomorrow.


We cannot allow our borders to be sieve. Drugs, smuggling, sex trafficking and other dangerous crimes need to be stopped. Legal immigration is has been a bedrock principle of this country helping our economy, labor force and trade. However, it’s time for the federal government to do its job by passing comprehensive immigration reform.


Our district is honored to have three military bases. In Goodyear, you hear the sound of freedom as the jets fly by from Luke Air Force Base. Seeing the military men and women living and working amongst us in Yuma through the West Valley, a great sense of pride exists, not to mention a feeling of safety. The bases also contribute greatly to our economic engines throughout our communities. I am proud to have been part of the movement that occurred to save Luke Air Force Base from being closed and landing the F-35's. 


Our state's long-thriving agricultural history has been one of the cornerstones of Arizona’s economy. Thanks to advancements in technology, water efficiency and infrastructure, Yuma’s agricultural community delivers produce well outside Arizona’s borders. Arizona's BIG THREE - Cattle, Cotton, and Citrus have morphed and branched out into many other enterprises. Agriculture remains a necessity to our economy and sustainability.