Friends and Supporters,

It’s been quite a year! And no one has felt the extremes of this year more than our most vulnerable. For over half a year those that live in long-term care facilities have been unable to visit with their loved ones. We need to get families back together, as safe as we can.

On July 28th, I was honored to be appointed by Governor Ducey to sit on a bipartisan task force focused on creating guidelines so we can get our long-term care facilities back open to visitors. As of September 2nd, our long-term care facilities are back open to loved ones wanting to visit with their family.

There is no national guide or standard for situations like this, so the task force has developed guidelines and procedures the best we could to ensure the safety of all family members and staff at these long-term care facilities. While circumstances might not be perfect, we think we’ve put together a safe plan and will be reconvening on September 15th to review and see what changes, if any, need to be made.

Now, before you go rushing off to visit your loved one, there are a few guidelines you’ll need to follow first:

Call the facility first to schedule a visitation appointment and confirm their facility is ready for visitors.
The visitor must present the facility a negative COVID test (either a PCR or antigen) less than 48 hours old.
The visitor must sign an attestation that they have isolated in the time between the sample was taken and the visit and is free from symptoms.
The facility will limit contact as much as possible, including a dedicated visitation space.

You can read more about the guidelines here.

And don’t forget to #MaskUpAZ! Together we are beating this!