Dear Friends and Supporters,

I’ve always been a public servant who stepped up to help solve problems for our citizens. Whether is was collecting items for displaced people during the Prescott fires, assisting homeless teens, supporting our troops, distributing water bottles for the homeless, sponsoring children’s events or stepping up to serve on the City Council.

I decided to run for the Arizona House of Representatives because I believe in positive change for our state enveloped by conservative principles. As a social and fiscal conservative, I will always fight for low taxes, a balanced budget and religious freedom.

But there are big problems looming that could impact our economic future. If elected, I will work on solutions for:
▪ Reliable and consistent education funding

▪ Long-term water management

▪ Tougher border security measures

Arizona has provided my family amazing opportunities going back four generations. My priority will be to preserve those same opportunities for our children.

I hope to earn your vote on August 28.